Motivation March

I have decided to use the month March as the month to really motivate myself, and see if I can help others too! – Motivation March!
So many of us have found this lock down A LOT harder than the first one. Me especially!


The first one was a bit of a novelty, was new and different, full of Zoom sessions and the weather wasn’t too bad! However, this one has been in the cold winter months, lots of us are fed up and well it has just been a real struggle. I myself have really struggled with motivating myself in many aspects. However, we now FINALLY have a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel! So … I have decided to use the month March as the month to really motivate myself, and see if I can help others too! – Motivation March!


So how are we going to do this? First of all were going to do this TOGETHER! I really want us to pull together and help each other! I want to build a community where we can share what were up to, the good days (and the bad) and help each other get motivated and ready for the summer season!


What are we going to focus on?


Gratitude – I am great believer of being grounded and staying positive. We must remember what we are grateful for and focus on the positives – which I promise no matter how hard thing are there is ALWAYS a positive! And you just have to keep reminding yourself of them!


Healthy – Being a little healthier and looking after our bodies! Drinking more water, eating more fruit and veg etc. I’m going to be doing some recipes and meal ideas throughout the month to help you with this!


Being Active – Again looking after ourselves! I have really struggled with motivation for fitness over the last few months (and I love it!) so I can understand how this is a hard one! I am going to break it down and introduce some 20-minute rider fitness sessions and some challenges too!


Riding – motivation for riding has been hard, and the weather really hasn’t helped! But with spring on its way and some glimpse of sunshine it’s time to get motivated. I’m going to be providing exercises and some top tips to stay motivated in the saddle too!


Self-Care – This one is sooooo important! It can be hard to do nice things for yourself when your felling a bit low! But it really can make you feel better! So were going to do some non-horsey self-care things here! And also introduce some mindfulness and meditation too!


Kindness – I always find one of the best things that makes me smile is being kind to others! So let’s do more of it! We’re going to really focus on how we can be kind to others and do what we can to spread some love!


The best thing about this is I want to work together with you all and help you! I know how hard this has been and we have all had a really tough year, and everyone has had to deal with their own personal struggles! But now I want to help you! Even if this only helps one person feel better and happier, then my mission is complete!

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