Katie Hamilton-Farey
Equestrian Performance Coach – BHSAI – Qualified Fitness Coach 
Founder of EquiFit UK
Specialist Areas: 
  • Rider Fitness 
  • Rider Biomechanics  
  • Coaching 
  • Rider/Sports Psychology  
Katie has worked with riders as an Equestrian Performance coach for over 15 years and likes to work specifically to improve riders position, fitness and function as athletes to enable them to work in a better partnership with their horses for better results.
Her passion for horses began the day she was put on her sisters 12.2 pony before she could even walk. Katie has competed all through her life over a wide range of levels from local to National level and in a variety of disciplines (dressage, show jumping, eventing). She has represented her Pony Club, Riding Club and University on many occasions and attended National Championships for all and has also competed at affiliated level in Show Jumping and Dressage. Throughout her riding career Katie has also received training by a number of highly respected riders and professionals. ​​ 


Having a very keen interest in all sports she decided she would be interested in not only studying horses at university but also had a great interest in the rider as an athlete. On this course Katie gained much knowledge about rider fitness and performance, posture analysis, rider nutrition, fitness testing, sports psychology and many other aspects which enables her to focus a great detail on the rider and their needs to function and perform successfully. Katie completed her dissertation on rider fitness and eating disorders and the effects of correct nutrition and mental states within the rider. Katie is hoping to continue her study by completing more research in the area of Rider Fitness and complete a masters and eventually hopes to complete a PhD in Rider Fitness.


Equi-Fit UK is a new venture for Katie. This is a platform for riders educating them on all aspects of performance for horse and rider. 


Katie’s Services
If you would like to book any of these services then please contact Katie directly to book or for a chat!
general Coaching
rider fitness 1-1
Fitness for Horse Riders
rider fitness classes