Biomechanics is a very BUZZ word in the equestrian world. It basically enables to look at ourselves and how our position and we as riders effect our horses way of going! It is a very useful tool! 
Fitness for Horse Riders
Biomechanics Clinics

These can be on or off horse. We will complete rider assessments to notice your strengths and weaknesses and then help give you adivce on how this can be improved. On ridden ones we can then notice and work on the effect this has on your horses and again work on improving these. 

Fitness for Horse Riders
1-1 Sessions

During this training session we will be focusing on rider and rider position and how this could be affecting your horses way of going. We will use photo and video analysis to provide visual feedback. Which can be viewed instantly (on iPad) and also sent to you after session. We will then use part of the session to highlight areas to work on and also provide exercises to help you to improve them. 

Mechanical horse

One of our EquiFit Professionals can give you a 1-1 session on Dandy our mechanical horse. This enables us to focus on you as a rider and help identify any issues and also work on a programme to improve them.