Equi-Fit Position Class
These classes are a fun and informative way of teaching you to become more aware of your body, and how your balance and position influence your horses’ comfort and performance. 
In these classes we will perform a variety of exercises using stability balls combining core, balance and pilates based exercises to help improve your BALANCE, CORE STRENGTH. PELVIC FUNCTION and FLEXIBILITY. ​
As well as learning about our body dominance’s and straightness and biomechanics as a rider.

All VERY important when riding!!
Combining all of this should result in an improved position and so more controlled and effective aids to enable you to work positively with your horse for better results.
These sessions are unmounted and mainly conducted on exercise balls to challenge balance and imitate the riding position. The course is progressive and consists of 6 classes over 6 weeks. For groups of up to 20.

Equi-Fit Position

This is our introductory course. This course is mainly about coming more aware of ourselves as a rider and learning about our dominances and weaknesses. It really gets us thinking a little bit more about us and what effects we might have on our horses!

Fitness for Horse Riders

Equi-Fit Position Plus

This is the next step up and now we have learnt about ourselves as a rider and what areas we may need to work on this class lets us advance some of the exercises to challenge ourselves and improve our straightness, core, balance and pelvic function even further.

Equi-Fit Position Pro

This is our most advanced and challenging version of this course. We take all of the exercises to the next level, and can continue our training to become the best, most balanced and fittest rider as possible, to achieve the best results.

What to bring…

Yoga Mat
Stability Ball

How much?

Our EquiFit Position courses are
for the full 6 week program 



Our regular venues are:
Crown Farm (Brentwood), Runningwell Equestrian Centre & Beechwood Equestrian Centre

​We are looking to expend so do drop us a message if you would like to see a class near you!


Coming Soon!