Equi-Fit Pilates Classes 
The Aim of Pilates Exercise for riders
To make you strong and balanced – you will be able to notice and focus on how your body moves. With this new found ability you can focus on your horse’s flexibility , balance and strength.
It will develop a better relationship between you and your horse.
Designed for all levels of rider from happy hackers to advanced dressage riders. 
It will improve your riding!

· To improve our position in the saddle through postural awareness

· To reduce unwanted tension in muscles

· To reduce the likelihood of injury and promote a quick recovery.

· To reduce post riding muscle soreness

· To have better balance in the saddle which will result in more effective aids

· To encourage suppleness in the spine and hips so that we care able to go with the horses movement creating smoothness and harmony with the horse

· To refine our aids and improve our partnership with the horse

· To improve the function of our heart and lungs through aerobic fitness which will help to improve our stamina.

Fitness for Horse Riders

 Currently due to Covid our group matwork  classes are taking place via zoom.

Up to 12 participants can enrol on a programme which consists of a block of 6 weeks. Payment is required in advance and a completion of enrolment form to secure your place.

Cost is £55
Private 1-1 session

As of 12/4/21 private sessions can resume at our Brentwood clinic with covid safe procedures in place. See separate guidance policy.

These are structured sessions that follow an initial assessment to discover any postural faults and weaknesses. A specific programme of exercises is devised to address these issues which is reviewed and adjusted regularly to allow for progression.

These sessions will involve matwork exercises and can include small equipment such as overballs , exercise bands , physio balls, soft weighted pilates balls and spiky balls to achieve the required benefits. Larger equipment involving spring resistance may be used if required.

Cost is £50 Block of 6 £250
Semi – private (2-1)

These sessions are designed to be smaller , more focused  and structured to the needs to the individuals whilst being less formal than a class environment. Working with someone can provide motivation and increase enjoyment whilst working on similar goals following an initial assessment.  

Cost £25 per person per session ,
£140 for a block of 6.
For more information or  to book please contact Louise on 07791188473 or email lblees2003@googlemail.com
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