EquiFit ONLINE Classes

Equi-Fit ONLINE Pilates

The Aim of Pilates Exercise for ridersTo make you strong and balanced – you will be able to notice and focus on how your body moves. With this new found ability you can focus on your horse’s flexibility , balance and strength.It will develop a better relationship between you and your horse! … It will improve your riding!

  • To improve our position in the saddle through postural awareness
  • To reduce unwanted tension in muscles
  • To reduce the likelihood of injury and promote a quick recovery.
  • To reduce post riding muscle soreness
  • To have better balance in the saddle which will result in more effective aids
  • To encourage suppleness in the spine and hips so that we care able to go with the horses movement creating smoothness and harmony with the horse
  • To refine our aids and improve our partnership with the horse
  • To improve the function of our heart and lungs through aerobic fitness which will help to improve our stamina.
What You Need …
Yoga Mat
Our EquiFit ONLINE courses are:
£50.00 for the full 6 week program 
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