The Equi-Fit app gives horse riders an opportunity to enhanace their riding by improving their fitness  off of their horses, with tailor made workouts available through our website and easy to use app downloadable to any phone or tablet!

We believe that riding successfully does not only mean that your horse needs to be fit but the rider must be equally as fit for the best  partnership and so better results!

This 6 week program is designed to work for riders who struggle to find the time for the gym between mucking out, yard jobs, riding, training, competing and working! With our online rider fitness training program you can find time for fitness as and when suits you!

All our workouts are short and sweet but effective and can be done with minimal equipment from the comfort of your own home, or take us to the gym with you!  We come to you anytime or day – straight to your iPad, Phone or Computer!

The EquiFit Programmes target specific areas vital for riding including core, cardio, upper & lower body strength, body awareness, balance and pelvic function. All which when linked together will result in you being a fitter rider.

How it works
6 Week Programme
The whole program runs over a course of 6 weeks. Each week you will be assigned with TWO Full Body workouts, ONE Core Boost and a Rider Stretch program. This is then up to you on how you make it work.
Full Body Workouts
Each week you will receive 2 full body workouts. These can be done on any 2 days throughout the week that suit you, try not to do them on two consecutive days as you will need to give your body time to rest so it can repair and build muscle in between.
Core Boost
This workout can either be done on its own day or be bolted onto the end of the full body workouts. Or if your feeling particular keen then you can add it onto both Full bodies and even an extra day too! But again don’t forget to allow your body to rest in between.
Rider Stretches
These should be completed at the end of EVERY workout and can also be done in-between sessions. Again make sure you have at least one complete full day of rest, but stretches can be done as often as possible, to gradually challenge our flexibility and mobility, for an improved position in the saddle.

What do I need?

We have designed these programs to be as simple and easy as possible, that way you can make sure you can fit it in with your life! 
All you need to make it work is: 

Access to the internet

And this is only to get started once your signed you can access your workouts even when your offline!

Phone, Tablet or computer

To download your workouts from our website or easy to use app.

Space to do it

 All workouts can be done at home, in a gym, in the garden, on the yard or if your on holiday then you can even do it on the beach! 

Exercise equipment 

Most of our exercises can be done purely with bodyweight, however we have included some with small additional dumbbell weights to enhance your training and challenge your fitness. 

The App
Available 24/7
Workouts available on any device and at anytime day or night. Do them at a time that suits you!
Personalised in app calendar with workouts and days designed around you!
Easy to follow video workouts and written instructions too.
Fitness for Horse Riders


Link with your FitBit and track your step count, calories burnt, distance covered and more!

Track your nutrition or even sign up to your own tailor made meal plan with us!
Easily track your workouts and log your progress with graphs, notes and pictures!
Personal messaging from a qualified fitness & equestrian coach throughout the course to help answer any questions or just for extra motivation.


Introductory offer! 
Due to our launch we are offering this amazing 6-week and program for just


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Marketing Manager

“First time going tonight and had a great time! Challenging in the best way and so much more fun when doing it with others 🙂 already know I love it, thank you!!! X”

Marketing Manager

“I don’t ride very often anymore however The KH Rider Fitness classes are fantastic and it’s helps me in other aspects of fitness too especially the balancing exercises! It’s really fun, suitable for all ages, fitness levels and most of all the you start to see the results really quickly! I can’t recommend these enough and at such a reasonable price with great facilities, there really is noting else like it in the area. Thank – you!”


“Excellent classes, would highly recommend them! Really enjoyable and very thought provoking as a rider and coach!”

Marketing Manager

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Marketing Manager

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