In order to perform at our best and to get the best out of our horses our mindset plays a very important part in determining the outcome during handling, training and competing.

Developing a positive, proactive and structured mindset really can be a game changer to achieve greater success and enjoyment of our horses.  Many of these skills need to be developed “out of the saddle” and then applied whilst riding and competing.


Some of the areas we can help with are:

Building confidence

Managing a “performance lifestyle”


Goal setting


Thriving in competition/during training

Our mindset coach Julliet Cottey


Mindset is a subject I am passionate about and believe it plays a huge part in what we can achieve, not only with our horses but in life in general. From a personal perspective, my interest goes back many years to when I was competing at a high level Eventing. I was not naturally the bravest rider,  was cautious by nature and definitely suffered with “competition nerves”. Back then I had never even heard about sports psychology, let alone how to use it!


Through my own experiences, NLP and most recently studying on the Centre 10 Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches I have learned skills and tools to use not only for myself but to help the riders I work with.