At Equi-Fit UK we run a number of classes specifically to work on riders overall fitness to help them become fitter, stronger riders for better results in the saddle.
These are performed in a group setting with a maximum of 6 clients, weekly over a period of 6 weeks.
Please click the images below to find out what classes we offer.
Fitness for Horse Riders
Equi-Fit Position

This class is specifically designed to work on your ridden position. We use stability balls to challenge our balance and imitate our riding position. It contains some pilates based movements and works on developing your balance, core, pelvic function, flexibility and rider straightness for an improved position when in the saddle.

Fitness for Horse Riders
Equi-Fit pilates

This class takes general Pilates principles and applies them specifically to the horse riders’ needs. Pilates exercises are used to increase your body awareness, improve flexibility, balance and strength in order to improve your position and facilitate an optimal riding experience.

Fitness for Horse Riders
Equi-Fit Core & Flex

Working on developing our core strength and stabilising muscles so we can improve our ridden position. Combined with a stretch and foam rolling program to ensure we remain flexible and supple in the saddle to allow full movement with our horses so they too can move freely.

Fitness for Horse Riders
Equi-Fit Circuits

This is a fun full body workout. The main focus being on improving your cardiovascular performance, upper and lower body strength, core and balance. This is an upbeat class with a mixture of exercises that can be adapted for all abilities, whether you’ve never set foot in a gym before or your full on fitness fanatic all exercises can be adapted to suit.  

Equi-Fit Online Classes

We now offer online classes for EquiFit Position & EquiFit Pilates !

These are completed through Zoom. Please see our calendar for our online classes.