Equine Services
Our team of EquiFit professionals work together to get the best out of you and your horses.
Each being expertise in their chosen areas means together they focus on every element of you as a rider and your horses to get the most out of your combined performance, ultimately producing better results in the saddle. 

On Team EquiFit we have some very experienced equestrian coaches to help you with your riding. Our coaches hold regular clinics and also private sessions for individuals.

EquiFit Clinics 

Our clinics are a great way to see our EquiFit professionals all in one place! On clinic days we work together to provide something a little different! At our clinics you will find out lots of information about you, your riding and your horses!

Equine Physio

Of course we have the horses covered too! Our Equine Physiotherapist can ensure your horses have a full MOT and a ready and able to perform at their best! 

Equine Physiotherapy 

online services

We have some brilliant online services to help you get the most out of your horses. With some great educational pieces on your horses to ridden exercises to get the most out of their training.

SAddle Fitting

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Coming Soon!